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“Dr. Bolling is a pivotal key in our family’s life as we transition
into being everything we need to be for our child with ASD.”

-S. Perry, Mother of a child with ADHD and ASD

“I send Dr. Brandi referrals from my practice very frequently! I
trust her, and she takes excellent care of my clinic babies so I
would not want to use anyone else for my own baby.”

- Dr. Thedford, Mother of a child with ADHD

“After talking with you, we feel so motivated, like we can help this child conquer the world.”

- J. Clark, Mother of an adolescent with ADHD

“You are amazing! I just can't say enough praises. You gave my son back!”

- S. Studdard, Mother of a young son with ADHD

Meet Dr. Brandi Bolling

As CEO of Bolling Medical Group, Dr. Brandi B. shares her medical expertise freely, and because of her big heart, she has made it her mission to change the lives of parents who have the desire to better the lives of their children with ADHD but have no idea how to get started.

Brandi B wows families with her extensive knowledge of general medical and mental health topics, especially ADHD. And with her unique mastery of EDUtainment, the combination of evidence based education and entertainment, she keeps audiences and families up-to-date with the most current trends in ADHD treatment. By working with Dr. Brandi B, moms of children with ADHD have all they need to help their children grow to live productive, filling, and
successful lives.

Known for her big personality and ADHD expertise, Dr. Brandi B is working to turn her wisdom into bestselling books, award-winning blogs, and a host of soon-to-be wildly popular digital and physical products and online training programs. Through these things, she will continue to help moms turn their children’s setbacks into SUCCESS.